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The dermolipectomys are surgerys tha have the finality to extract the excess of skin in any part of the body. The most commons are:

Is realized to extract the excess of skin and fat of the abdomen , as to tense the abdominal muscles in cases of flaccidity in the abdominal surface.

The patients that have lost a lot of weight  or had a many embarrassments are candidates to this proceeding.

The incision is locate in the pubic region and towards laterally , trying to be locate under the cover zone of the bathing suit.

In remark cases, it could be realiize a  mini-dermolipectomy  and y liposuction of the  abdomen.


In this cases the incision doesn`t show up in the suprapubic region.

The intervention is realized with peridural anesthesia and the patient (only by excepcional cases ) comes back to his home the same day of the intervention.
The patient should continue resting a whole week.  

Is advisable to use an adequate bandage for this surgery.

The stitches are retired  in about 15 days . The appearance of the scar should be acceptable but differs from patient to patient depending the quality of individual of each person.

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