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Botulinic Toxin  (A solution without scalpel )

The Botulinic Toxin  ( BOTOX ) is used  for the improvement of the exaggerate contraction of the facial muscle.

When time comes by, these active muscles turn into very noticed lines , known as facial wrinkles , that give an old appearance to the patient.

For example, the space between the eye-brows, the lines in the  forehead  and the wrinkles beside the eyes, are the facial lines  that more worry  both genders. These lines or wrinkles get deeper and worst with the oldness.
The Botulinic Toxin makes the  facial muscles don`t  contract , so the  space between the eye-brows and the furrows won´t get deep.

Is inyected in the muscle and the effect takes between 2 o 5 days, during this period you`ll notice that the lines will disappear, that results last usually 4 months.


For the nasolabial  furrow that is one that  is form from the nasal wing toward the  labial commisure  specially when we smile , we could use biodegrable products like Hialuronic Acid (Restilane), patient`s fat or skins ingrafts  of dermis , being the last one the most durable.

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The other  option is the surgical in which it`s realized incisions in the hairy skin and we work over the frontal muscle and  also we can lift up the eye-brows, the  reach effect last until 10 years.

The lines beside the eyes and the nasolabial furrows improve notably and for 10 years nearly when we realize a lifting o facial stretching .

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