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With the past of the years the line expressions between nose and cheeks get accent ( nasolabials o nasogenians furrows), folds and enlargments appear in the neck ( double-chin ) and the face lost his oval definition. To correct this problem we recur to a surgery known as Facial Lifting.

The surgery doesn`t stop the facial oldness, but can take away  10 apparent  years to the patient, by the stretching of the skin and the relocate of the subcutaneous muscles and the elimination of fat excess and before all things in the neck and skin face.


The incisions are locate very near to the ears and in the  hairy skin to hide them.

The final result is usually a similar appearance of 10 years less.

It`s one the surgerys that give more satisfactions to he patient, it`s realized with local anesthesia and sedation.

The patient returns to home the same day of the surgery and returns to his normal activities in a week.

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