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Nowadays is common to hear the  word liposuction or lipoaspiration or liposculpture.
In fact, all these proceedures are the same, therefore they are synonyms.

This technique consists by the extraction of fat tissue without  skin resection by thin cannulas  that are introduced by very small  incisions that are measure 1 cm at least  These incisions are done in strategic places so no one can notice them at first sight.

The regions of the body that could be treated by this method are:

abdomen, hips, the formation of the waist, external face of the thighs,  ( known vulgalry as pistols), internal face of the thighs, knees, , ankles, back ,  periaxilar fat, neck  (double-chin) and arms.

The intervention could be realized with local anesthesia and sedation  or  a peridural anesthesia depending the case and the zone to treta.


Also it could be used general anesthesia in exceptional cases.

The patients comes back to home the same day of the intervention and in most cases could return to his daily activities after 2 days of post operative.
They should use a bandage for 3 weeks at least.

We recommend to realize at least 5 linfatic drainage sessions.

The appearing of bruises is treated by specific pomades, it`s advisable to not be exposed to the sun until they remain..

The intervention could be realized with local anesthesia and sedation  or peridural  anesthesia  (depending the case and zone to treat.

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