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The increase of the size of the breast is realize by the use of prothesis that could be by saline solution or cohercible silicon gel. Never  by inyecting substances.

The habitual  reasons that it`s required this kind of surgery is the poor or null development of the mammary  gland  or the atrophy that is produced sometimes after several embarrasses. Or just because wants to increase the mammary volulme.

The surgery lasts about 2 hours and it`s realized with local anesthesia plus sedation or eventually general anesthesia. The prothesis is put realizing an incision around the areola  so the scar is practically imperceptible.


The prothesis could be put  under the pectoral muscle or under the mammary gland depending the case.

The patient come back home immediately and can return to his daily acitivities , with certain cares , 48 hours after the surgery.

The patient should know that around the prothesis that body  will form a capsule which will suffer a phenomem known as capsular contracture , that could be avoid by realizing massages that the physician will show to the patient.

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