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The exaggerate increase of the measure of the breast produce in much women organic and pshycological problems as well: back and neck pain, skin irritations,  respiratory problems and difficult of wearing adequate clothes.

The Reductive Mastoplastia  extracts skin, fat and mammary tissues  leaving  smaller and lighter the breasts.

The complex areola-nipple is reduced from size and locate to a higher position.

The used incisions could be periareolars, Vertical or in invertid T depending the grade of pthosis and hypertrofy.


This surgery has a 3 hour duration and it`s realized with local anesthesia helped by sedation or by general anesthesia depending the severity of the case.

The patient comes back to his home the same day and in exceptional cases must be interned until the  next day .

Is recommendable to use  a special brassiere, the stitches World be retired after 15 days and the patient could return to it`s daily activities between 5 to 15 days depending the severity of the case.

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