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The increase of the measure of the masculine mammary region is known as  ginecomastia or lipomastia.

As well this pathology is mayorly benign  because of a gathering of fat tissue in the region we have to discard and eventual pathologyc growing of mammary tissue.

Seems to be frequent in patients that in their puberty   suffered   overweight and then lost weight, leaving sequels in their chests.

In this  cases   is the gathering of fat than the   mammary hypertrophy.

It could be treated with a liposuction with a  very thin cannula and the patient returns to his daily labours.


Is the hypertrophy of the mammary gland  that could be unilateral.

Which means that only one side develops  and  bilateral which means both glands. It`s frequent in obese patients such in slender patients.

The treatment consists in the resection of the gland by an periareolar incision  and lastly it`s complete with an  lipoaspiration  if  it`s required.

The intervention is well tolerate with local anesthesia plus sedation, it`s  necessary  to use a compressive bandage during several days.
It`s frequent the formation of  bruises that  disappear  with the treatment of adequate pomades.

The patient returns to his normal activities nearly in a week.


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