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The Nasal Surgery is one of the most common proceedures that realices a plastic surgeon.
It`s realice for the improving of the breathing, for changing the form and size of the nose or both.

Also I done por the repairing of nasal traumatism resulting from accidents o sport activities.
Excepting few common cases, the cut for the realizing of the surgery is done inside the nose, leaving no scrars.

Usualluy it`s efectuate a shotening of the nose and a reduction of the dorsal gibbosity.

This is realized by the resection of the bone and the remaining cartilage. If it`s necessary we lift up the nasal tip


In the boys case in a 90 grade angule in relation to he superior lip  and in women`s case in a 100 grade angule.

The proceeding last about one hour and it`s perfectly tolerated with local anesthesia and sedation.
The nose is subjected with a malleable material by 10 days and it`s frequent that the patient get swell the firsts days but this swelling that is followed by little bruises that normally  dissapear in a week.
We indicate in the post-operative  repose for 48 hours , the applying of ice, analgesics,  anti-inflamatorys and antibiotics, moreover of not exposing  directly to the sun for 3 months.

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