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:: The plastic surgery not only changes forms… It can change HIS LIFE …. Today same Contáctenos and we will make their DREAM REALITY.
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Prominent Ears  (Ears in screen).
It`s usual to realize them during the childhood  for reducing the number or years that the kid gets exposed to the scuffing of his fellow-members. Even though we procure to realize this intervention since they’re 10 years old  because the post-operative  is a little uncomfortable fot he patient.

We realize an incision behind the ear,  and then we could retire a portion of cartilage or model it for then relocate the ear and suture it.

The final scar is habitually undetectable.
This surgery lasts about 2 hours and it`s realize with local anesthesia and sedation.

The bandage is retired after 7 days and we recommend  to use a fillet for sleeping for 10 days or more.

The stitches are retired at 10 days and the patient can go back to his activities after 2 or 3 days.


Rupture of the Ear Lobule.

  This surgery corrects the breach of the ear lobule caused by a traumatism or the prolonged use of  big and  too heavy ear-rings.

The surgery consists in reducing the size of the ear-ring hole  or in extreme cases to close it  completely for  then  realize another one in to another  place of the lobule.

It`s a surgery with local anesthesia and the patient comes back to his daily  activities.

We should remark that the healing, extraction of stitches and results differ from one patient to other.

Ears in cauliflower
In  some sports of physical  contact the ear cartilage should be damage and as a result there`s a gathering of liquids in them. If it`s treat at time this contents gets hard and deforms severly the cartilage of the ear. The treatment is ambulatory ( in the consulting office ), the patient comes back immediately to his daily activities  Eve though  the treatment should need several sessions depending of  the severity of the case and the particular evolution  of the patient.

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