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Lip Widening  

The increase or widening of the lips, could be done using two techniques that are with or without surgery.

The technique of lip widening without surgery is based by inyections of hialuronic acid  or fat of the same patient that give results that last from 6 months to 1 year.

There are materials that  last many years like  Gorotex, which has as a disadvantage that if the patient doesn`t feel good with the result, it`s  so difficult to extract.


With surgery we can have a permanent increase of lips, with the disadvantage that if the patient is not satisfied  with the result we can go back.

In my experience with biodegradable materials (not eternal) they give the patient the option that if he`s satisfied with the result he could recur to the product again or to surgery for defintive result. If he`s not satisfied with his appearance , certainly he`ll  come to his original appearance in a determine time.

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