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To: Dr. Roberto Bitar my "best plastic surgeon in the world" Blessings. Besos. Cinthya Coppiano.

Cinthya Coppiano: Presenter and Actress

To my dear friend Dr. Roberto Bitar and with all my affection and appreciation. And a big kiss for all of your team. May God bless you always. Rocio Serrano.

Rocio Serrano: Model and Director and Instructor of a modeling agency.

A huge hug to my friend Dr. Roberto Bitar, success in his new clinic. Att: Emilio P.

Emilio Pinargote: Presenter and Model

for my friend Roberto Bitar with affection of the 1st trumpet Alberto Martinez Marc Anthony. Thanks for letting me well.

Alberto Martinez: Trumpeter Marc Anthony and Laura Pausini

For my doctor, a big hug, blessings, I am very grateful to you ... Robert, thanks for all your corduroy. Danilo.

Danilo Esteves: Actor

Roberto: Thanks for the "tweaks". God bless you. Marián.

Marián Sabaté: presenter

With love to my dr. beautiful. Thank you, I adore muaaa. Caiche Sofia.

Sofía Caiche: Presenter and Actress

With all my heart full of gratitude to Dr. Roberto Bitar. Thank you for not only increase my confidence, but completely change my life. Besos. Gabriela Armas.

Gabriela Armas: Actress and Model

For Roberto Bitar. With all my love. Charlie Masso

Charlie Masso: Ex menudo - Actor


To: My Doctor beautiful, may God guide and bless you. Exitos, I love him. Flores Jose Ma.

Ma. José Flores: Presenter

With love to my Doc Thanks for changing my life. Kattya Tamayo.

Kattya Tamayo: Presenter and Model

because it comes at a time of need, as I needed the change of prosthesis, a kiss and many hugs to my dear Dr. Bitar fondly. Adriana Torres.

Adriana Torres: Playboy Colombia 2nd. Since 2002 -Actress

Dr. Bitar not know how much I appreciate all ... Left regia! Kisses and Blessings. Vilma Sotomayor.

Vilma Sotomayor: Actress

To my dear Dr. Bitar. Thanks for all the attention and "polish" all those "details". Kisses! Ile Miranda.

Ile Miranda: Shoe designer

Roberto: Thanks for everything, I am very happy with the result. You keep picking. Success!. Flor Maria.

Flor María Palomeque: Actress

With love for the best Dr. Bitar. The China Suarez.

Verónica Suárez: Actress and Model

To my friend Dr. Roberto Bitar. Thanks for keeping me always good. TQM. Pamela Palacios.

Pamela Palacios: Actress



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