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:: The plastic surgery not only changes forms… It can change YOUR LIFE …. Contact us today, we can makes your DREAMS COMES TRUE.

Welcome to:
"The Plastic Surgery Unit"
of Dr. Roberto Bitar

Knowing the importance of the image knowadays we offer a professional solution to all kinds of sthetic  problems , but giving you as a priority the security of our patients.

Plastic Surgery Unit.

By the days the plastic surgery has more interest in our place, but like in any surgical intervention we most take all the precautions.

Because of being an elective surgery , not an emergency , some patients have the fear to take this type of intervention. Even though,  the concept of accepting us  by who we are not always has  validity,  the human beings by nature , wants always to look good and without a doubt…He has the right!.

By this way The Plastic Surgery Unit of Dr. Roberto Bitar , knowing the the importance of the image knowadays, offers a professional solution to all kind of sthetic problems, but putting as a priority your security.


Dr. Roberto Bitar
Cirujano Plástico
A team to your service
Specialties of Surgically Stethic Center Dr. Roberto Bitar:
  • Dr. Marcelo Moncayo - Internal Medicine - General Surgery
  • Dr. Marcelo Hermida - Internal Medicine - General Surgery
  • Clinical Laboratory Fernandez
  • Juan Pablo Bitar - Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr. Freddy Moncayo - Clinical Oncologist – mastologists
  • Dr. Esther Valdiviezo - Pediatrician – Neonatologist
  • Antonella Pereira - Image consulting Hairdresser ID
  • Xiomara Coronado - Cosmiatría and Nutrition
  • Dr. Mario Caizaluisa - Dr. Christian Gómez - Dental Estethic Center
  • Dr. Miguel Intriago - Cardiology - Internal Medicine
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It does not let pass the opportunity to change his life>> Dr. Roberto Bitar
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