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I`ll get perfect after the surgery? 

We`ve to remain to the patient  that the Plastic Surgery is not Magic Surgery.

The perfection is impossible to reach, even though this is not a cause for the surgeon to reach the excellence of this job.

The level of succeed of a surgery  is  not only by the ability of the surgeon and the patient`s cooperation also because of other factors such as the specific case to treat , the patient`s health, age, skin`s texture, osseous structure and of course the genethics.

The curative process is influenced by the before mentioned factors  and not necessarily  under medical control or  of the patient,   which means it would be a lack of ethics by the surgeon to suppose any kind of warranty.

¿Would be painful this surgery?

During the operation, which is  usually done under sedation and local or peridural and rarely general, there`s no pain only by the moments of the infiltration of  the anestesia which generally is done when the patient is sedated.

In the post-operatorive  it could feel  some kind of discomfort  , in that case it`s easily controlled by additional medicine.

Even the discomfort and limitation of activities after the surgery are  minimum, these exist depending of with no doubt because of the place it was done.

¿Would be scars?

All the surgical incisions leave a permanent scar that could not   be eliminated. Eve though , we take much care that the scars will be dissemble with the natural lines of the skin or the expression wrinkles.

The final result is influenced by the quality of individual cicatrization of each person.

We procure to use slender threads like a hair for not leaving prints of them.

The scars result like very thin lines and very discreet  located in areas where the easily could be covered with make-up or with a  different  style of hair-cut in the case of the rostrum, and in the case of the body in zones that aren`t exposed.

Although these scars are  permanent , rarely are noticed or cause problems.

¿Would be much swelling or bruises?

The most part of the surgerys , specially those that are done near flaccid tissues of the eyes, have higher levels of swelling and bruises.

The amount   depends of the different procedures and of the individual.

Medicine gave before the surgery  and some operative techniques that are used, help to keep them at minimum.

The use of ice in the treated zones obtains a grow less of this problem.

Even tough the swelling and bruises usually disappear  in a few days  and the  y  the few bruises that still exist could be covered with make-up .

¿What kind of anesthesia is used? 

The most part f the surgical proceedings are done under local anesthesia with sedation o peridural anesthesia.

The general anesthesia is only reserved in exceptional cases.

¿Are there some involved risks? 

Every surgical proceeding for more simple it is, conveys certain level of risks and the possibility of complications, this risks won`t be taken with  unsteadiness. Fortunately in plastic surgery , rarely ocurrs  and are usually under treatments.

They will be provide with a consent form for that proceeding.

Is needful that the patient who is going to be surgically intervented   to be submitted  to a blood exam that includes :  Complete Hemogram, bleeding and coagulation times, also a glicemia.

If the patient is over 40 years we solicit him an  electrocardiogram.

¿Which are the costs?

The costs differ because of the surgery to realize and their particular case. Which means the same intervention could cost more or less depending severity of the case.


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