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:: The plastic surgery not only changes forms… It can change YOUR LIFE …. Contact us today, we can makes your DREAMS COMES TRUE.

¿What’s Plastic Surgery?

Is a branch of the surgery that takes care of the change or recuperation of the forms of parts of the body that need it.

Is good to say that there are branches of Plastic Surgery that work over the function an also some interventions work in the psychologic and social.

¿For what is the Plastic Surgey?

The Plastic Surgery is divided in two big fields:

Reconstructive Surgery and Sthetic Surgery, both permanently link as the formation of the specialist as their application in the patients.

* Reconstructive Plastic Surgery tries to repair the function and the pshysic appearance in those wounds or facial and corporal malformations, as congenital malformations acquired by birth.

* Sthetic Plastic Surgery, procures the harmonical correction of some parts of the body that by the way are normal and present some alterations out of the standars of beauty , with the finality to gain self esteem by having a better corporal image and the personal perception of the physic appearance.

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